LV Multiple Process Vi with SubPanel

Open multiple instants of a Process VI and showing it in a SubPanel.

Messaging via the unique queue of the Process and the Main queue.


•Showing LabVIEW® running on vi  multiple times (Clone) and SubPanel to prevent multiple vi open all over the screen (managers don’t like that neither the end user)

•Technologies Vi Ref, VI server , Sub Panel, QUEUES.

•Presentation shown to spark ideas of use. (used LV2019)

•LabVIEW® is a National Instruments (NI) product

•This presentation is not connected to or endorsed by any company

•Use at your own risk.

•This project was an example to spark ideas and should not be consider complete.

•Note: Keep an eye on the clone number , it will help when working with Vi Refs to prevent Vi refences left in memory and not  properly discarded.

•Always test out multiple stopping methods during development (ie Stop Process button, Stop on Process vi, Exit, and Application close. )

•The example project was started using NI® LabVIEW Queued State Machine project template

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