InProcess: Python – A version of Producer Consumer Pattern

Python Tkinter and Matplotlib. Still working on it , but this is a preview

Using more Classes and Threads the video below is at normal speed (running a quick temp chamber profile. Most temperature profile don’t run this fast in real because temperature change is a slow process , but for the video and my viewer running faster profile. Currently plotting is adding 100ms Plot redraw. Working on it. (I am using “canvas.draw_idle()” which is faster than “canvas.draw()”) . Its the StringVar() variable are a bit blocking. Spend alot of time on the matplotlib section.


  • Temperature Chamber (simulated)
  • Power Supply(simulated)
  • UUT(simulated)
  • Sequence (to be added)

Short Video 60sec

Without updating the center Profile section and DegC in label tkinter StringVar (very fast) 14sec video

With the Profile and DegC StringVar() variables updating the Label in the center of the gui 60sec video


  • Presentation: In-process, A version of Producer Consumer type pattern (with classes and threading)
  • Programming Language used: Python 3.9 in Spyder 5.4.3,Matplotlib 3.7.1
  • Presentation app: Microsoft’s PowerPoint
  • Help support: StackOverFlow, search engines, and yes the new Bing Chat-AI engine.
  • Bing mention is a Microsoft Product.
  • Python and Tkinter are products of respective company
  • Presentation shown to spark ideas of use.
  • This presentation is not connected to or endorsed by any company.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Tags: Python, Python3.9, Tkinter , Canvas ,GUI, List, StringVar, ListSelect, Classes, Threading. A producer consumer type pattern.

Thank you to all my viewer and support from the python communities

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