Tkinter GUI and (non-tk) Matplotlib shrinking the tk GUI

Presentation on “my” journey to find a solution for the unexpected shrinking of the Tkinter GUI when making a plot.


  • Presentation: Tkinter GUI with external non-Tkinter Matplotlib plot – the issue- Tkinter GUI was shrinking when Matplotlib plot created, I am using spyder with ipython for development
  • Programming Language used: Python 3.9 in Spyder 5.4.3,Matplotlib 3.7.1 my adventure to find a solution .
  • Lot of thanks to the python community, Stackoverflow of course, and search engine and Ai engines.
  • Presentation app: Microsoft’s PowerPoint
  • Window 10 : a Microsoft Product
  • Python ,Tkinter and Matplotlib are products of respective company.
  • Presentation shown to spark ideas of use.
  • This presentation is not connected to or endorsed by any company.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Tags: Python, Python3.9, Tkinter , Matplotlib, Shrinking Tkinter GUI, SetProcessDpiAwareness(0)

Thanks to all the python communities and my viewers

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