Provide the operator with a Dialog for task which take time to complete.

Sometime a process take time to complete. Its would be a good idea to provide the operator with a dialog and show a time in seconds so they know the application did not have an issue.

Development system used: LabVIEW(r)

Provide a Dialog to Operator for task which

Front Panel (also showing input and output which are not normally shown to operator

but show for completeness.

LV Dialog-Show all front panel


LV Dialog Operator Please Wait

Changing the Seconds for n.n format

seconds display format

One Decimal point

Set Seconds indicator for 1 decimal place

Setting module to appear as a dialog.

Set Windows Appearance to DialogLV Dialog Set window size for operator

Testing of Dialog

Testing of LV Dialog

Screen Capture before timeout (above was final) below shown with control as constant

so its easier to see matching info.

LV Dialog Testing in another Module

Dialog appearance as a LV Dialog

Final Appearence Size


LabVIEW® is a National Instrument product

This post is not connected or endorsed by any company.

Created to spark ideas on the subject.

Use at your own risk.


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