Rack Panel Power/Motor wiring

You did a great job of putting your high Power  pins AWAY from your small signal (analog and digital).
  • Document on the schematic/assembly drawing where and what type wiring to use.
  • Tell the  technican/assembler to keep certain wires harnessed away from the signal you need to protect.(ex left side power,right side protected)
  • If you are using two pins and two wires for one power signal ,Make it clear on the schematic and  the  tech that you want TWO wires from on side to the other not ONE wire and a  two little  jumper at each end.
  • Keep your power supply sensing wires away(shielded) from the power wires harness( or you may get  ripple on your PS output)
  • Motor Wiring must also be keep away from your small signal harness.
  • Check your pin contact rating and the guage of wire it will accept.
  • Check the wiring guage for you current requirements.
  • Voltage rating of wires and connector voltage rating.

Remember before any wiring is started, inform the technican/assembler of the harness routing concerns.

There may be additional concerns not listed above which depend on your specific project.

Do not consider the above list  or any other list in the blog as your only concerns on the subject.

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