Self Test Fixture

Some customers request a Self Test Fixture to checkout the Test Station via the interface connection which are normally used by the  UUT.
In designing the Self Test Fixture you need to keep it simple but complete.
Most often outputs are paired to inputs( wraparound).
Analog Out to Analog In
Digital Out to Digital In
Signal Generator to Scope
Power Supply to DMM
Via the comm link(ENET,GPIB,USB,RS232)  perform the Self Test for each instrument  This will check the comm and instruments.
At the same time Logging the ID of each instrument can be handy for Instrument S/N, firmware version reference.
Use signal conditioning as needed to protect the inputs. Loads may be need  to UUT simulated load condition.
All test station interfaces are different and you must know what can be wraparound without damaging the output or the input instrument.
You must have a good understanding of the instruments and signal types.
Initially program instruments output with  small signal levels during software checkout.

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