NI FPGA (Reconfigurable Input Output)RIO

Need to create hardware and you know the customer requirement my change then consider (NI FPGA solutions)
If you know LabVIEW already you can be programming NI FPGA quickly with the LabVIEW FPGA module
What great is that the FPGA shows up in your LabVIEW Project lvprj  so you can see all your IO(Analog input,output Digital output).
All Vi related to the FPGA will show it a the target in the lower left corner of the VI(block or diagram)
NI also refers to the FPGA as RIO.
Once you have completed the FPGA code that you created  just compiled to created  a required Bit file to be download to your new NI-FPGA configuration.
This Bit file reference will allow the NI-FPGA load and provide a reference that you Host application can access node you provide (input and output you created in the FPGA VI code.
A note so you know ahead of time, in order to layout the NI-FPGA the program will go into and compile-optimize routine which can take many min(45 to 1hr) depending on the amount of code in the NI-FPGA VI. It still better then making a new PCB, or waitng for the FPGA department to address your request for change.
Reconfigurable IO just where you need it making your automated solution reconfigurable . YES!!!
PID loop
Event Counter
Pulse gen
Rate Control aquistion
FIFO and Memory for larger data handling
Special TX RX protocol
Too many possibility….
Below are some configuration with FPGA (their are many other configuration)
Additional information my be obtain at
LabVIEW and TestStand are products of National Instruments

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