Test Executive — TestStand(r)

TestStand(TS) is a Test Management Executive()
It uses your LabVIEW Test(s) code to connect to TestStand which will then preform limit,reporting,sequence of executing your LabVIEW code.
It has a Built-in LabVIEW adapter(TestStand will pick up on LabVIEW’s input and output) which allow connect to TestStand Variables as needed.
Buitl in Test Type ( Measure Pass Fail, Boolean Pass Fail)
Makes Report(look at the ReportGen_xxx.seq if modification are needed)
Stores data to Database( modify your UUT data Type if you need to provide more then just the serial number ex part number.)
Flow Controls(If-Else ,ForLoops..)
TestStand store UUT infomation,Step Information in variables accessible to programmer and LV code(via TS reference).
Most to the development is done in a TestStand’s sequence Development Editor
TestStand also come with a LabVIEW(r) Operator Interface.
The Operator Interface prevents access to the Development Editor (This is done via the TestStand API). (Note the Operator Interface supplied is a starting point)
The Operator Interface can be used or modifed to fit your needs. (ex. Removing or adding controls and indicator which get updated as TestStand run it sequence)
Most common us for communiction of OI and TS is via UIMessage CallBack Vi in OI and matching PostUIMessage in the TS Sequence.
A matching UIMessage number is used to create actions between the OI with the TS.
DO: Have a meeting with the TestStand and LabVIEW developer so both effort can be running in parallel. 
TestStand Developer will Set DMM, Close DMM Route UUToutput,Run Power Supply regulation test ,what to do if it pass or fail.
LabVIEW Developer will create the DMM Driver and DMM(DC,10VRange) type function, Math functions to support  the Power Supply regulation test
TestStand also support adapters other then LabVIEW (Please go to the National Instruments site www.ni.com ) for addition information.
LabVIEW and TestStand are products of National Instruments

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