EMC – Radiated Susceptibility Testing

 Signal Generator
 Power Meter
 Attenuator as need
To Automate
 Development Program
 Equipment must be programmable.
 Specification for Frequency and Power Level
Signal Generator (basic function)
  Set Output ON/OFF
  Set dB level
  Set Frequency
Amplifier (basic function)
 Set Enable/Disable output
 Get Status –Check for overload (from Drive or Reflection)
 Get Output power level
 Reset Overload
Power Meter (basic function)
Set Range
Get Power Level
Power Meter used to verify Power Level reached at selected Frequency
Monitor no anomaly during Testing (Frequency Range and Power)
Both Measured Telemetry/Physical Changes
Equipment Note :
Amplifiers can be damaged with excess input power
Bad Cabling can result in excess reflected power
During Testing: NO Body inside Shielded Structure.
Caution Radiated Susceptibility Testing involves very high Frequencies with power levels.
Testing is done inside an enclosed shielded Structure to prevent energy from entering or exiting structure.
Before entering the Enclosed Shielded Structure, MAKE SURE the Signal Generator is disabled with highest attenuation (=lowest gain) (or better yet Powered OFF), Amplifiers Disable, Power Meter indicates no Power.
Refer to many other sites and books to learn more about Radiated Susceptibility

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