Design Team effort will give you a leg up on your project.

Many time when you are assign a task in test equipment as the Test Engineer while the Design Team is working on the product that you will need to automate.
This is a great time to find out what instruments they are using and which instruments are not up to the task
Observe as they make measurement to see which section you can greatly improve when i comes time to create the production test Stations or test setup.
  • Ask question.
  • Get any presentation of the setup used for design verification during the Design phase.
  • Often you will see that the Design Engineer has to change cables to another instrument for a different test. (This may be an area you can using Switching Matrix.)
  • Discoversetting that must be adjusted and automate them.
  • Discover wiring layout or interface issues and work on a solution.
  • If they are using multiple DMM for monitor parameters it possible a ADC can be used to set multiple measured under the same stimulus (check on required accuracy needed).
  • Listenclosely to the design engineer when they say I could do this test better if………  .
  • The product Design Engineer is a critical player in the success of  your automated test solution.
  • Often the Design engineer has documents you may not get anywhere. For example the sequence of a command string required to cause an effect on a Command Module.


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