First Time LabVIEW User Dont and Do

Are you a first time LabVIEW
Do not use one loop for your top level application requiring user interaction.
Do Use a event/queue(producer / consumer) loops
Do not use infinity  controls input crossing your structure all over the place.
Do Consider clustering related information , ex Test Configuration data , Logging Data, Testing Maintance Data, Report Data etc
Data flow Left to Right  Input on left , Output on right
Do not Create all of you code in ONE vi  this will require infinite monitor to view your code.
Do not Use nested structure to infinity level.
Do create Sub VI  to modularize your application.
Do not forget Error in and Error out
Do  Connect you error chain and acutally handle the errors (ex error opening a file then why are you attemping to write or read from it-  handle the errors)
Also Error chain help with execution ( order in which Sub vi or vi are executed.) So stop using so many framed sequence when you should have continued the error chain.
Dont think in just serial program with LabVIEW
Think how a  parallel flow can improve your application.( This is a powerful feature of LabVIEW). Take care of the parallel flow of errors also.
Do not just open a session to an instrument.
Do Close session that are open at the ending of you application.
LabVIEW is a registered trademark of National Instruments.
check out the National Instruments site for additional information(listed below).

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