Need to make a PCB(Printed Circuit Board)

Sometime you need to make a PCB for your in-house test station/enclosure and your facility does not have a PCB dept to address your needs.
(Hopeful you have already checkout that no vendor has what you need, so you dont have to create something from scratch.)
I will be tring out a vendor that supplies  software for you to create the schematic and layout then they make the PCB.
I will use this section to report on the vendor’s software….
 Update: Dec 09 2008
  • The PCB vendor’s software download just fine: No issues detected.
  • The install process : No issues detected.
  • Two application one for schematic and one for routing.
  • Schematic application: No issues detected.
  • Pcb application: No issues detected.
Creating a schematic help with the next application so you can see pad that are related to a net(point that need to be connect).
With the Schematic do the check net task for any sw discovered issues with your schematic.
I have used both application and so far all look promising and easy to use.
Stay tune for updates and evaluation  …..
 Dec 12 2008
All three boards arrived as per the email.  Excellent.
I used MiniProto service (double sided,fix size,3 pieces).
When you dont have a pcb department, and you being ask to get your prototype  on pcb check out
Use the BOM,schematic,pcb files as the configuration control file for your PCB and add on the documentation.
Take the schematic and the component  images as is or give it to your drafting dept if required.

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