LV Create Simulated USB6008 to try out a Project Template for Measuring and Logging

Used a LabVIEW(r) New Project using a Template for Measure and logging which need a device. Create a simulated device using NI NI_MAX . Some Modification for LV2019 Base version.


  • Presentation on Creating a simulated 6008 device to use new project created using NI project template “Continuous Measurement and Logging (NI-DAQmx)” with LV2019 Base version
  • Create a simulated USB6008
  • Using a starting project template
  • Modified for LV2019 base to try out.
  • Limitation: If you want to have different number or colors for each die another method is needed (method show are for Boolean Pass/Fail)
  • Hint: Cluster of Boolean for Dies arranged as a Reticle (Possible next presentation)
  • Programming Language used: LabVIEW® 2019 Base version
  • LabVIEW® and NI-MAX are NI (formally National Instruments) products
  • Presentation app: Microsoft’s PowerPoint
  • Presentation shown to spark ideas of use.
  • This presentation is not connected to or endorsed by any company.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Use NI website for help with simulated device for “Create Simulated NI-DAQmx Devices in NI MAX” for more info.
  • Tags: LabVIEW® , DAQmx , Project Template, LV2019, Simulation Device, USB6008, NI-MAX

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