LV StandAlone or in SubPanel

Presentation on determining if running VI as standalone or in a SubPanel


Updated vi to verify when running. Closeable still works when developer selects Allow user to Open Diagram

First check as Stand Alone

Next test if developer enable “Allow user to Open Diagram”

Yes, still works even if user selected Allow Open Diagram (odd, I think it did not work for me in LV2015 some time ago, LV2019 its ok)


•Presentation on Determining if VI is running stand alone or in a subPanel

•Programming Language used: LabVIEW® 2019 Base version

•LabVIEW is a NI (formally National Instruments) product

•Presentation app: Microsoft’®s PowerPoint

•Presentation shown to spark ideas of use.

•This presentation is not connected to or endorsed by any company.

•Use at your own risk.

Tags:  LabVIEW®, Subpanel, Standalone VI, FrontPanel Closeable Property, Open vi Reference, Run VI method, Abort method, Is Vi standalone or in SubPanel, Allow user to Open Diagram

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