LV Picture functions – Space ship payload control example

Using a combination of images and picture functions to create a simulation of a space ship putting payload on a space truck


•Presentation to show use of Picture function using LabVIEW®

•Programming Language used: LabVIEW® 2019 Base version

•LabVIEW is a NI (National Instruments) product

•Presentation app: Microsoft’s PowerPoint

•Image app used Microsoft’s “Paint” and Microsoft’s “Paint 3D”

•Presentation shown to spark ideas of use.

•This presentation is not connected to or endorsed by any company.

•Use at your own risk.

•Tags:  LabVIEW®, Picture functions, Read Image ,Space ship, space truck, transparent images

•Possible improvement needed : Protect for space truck if cable to to low before arriving to payload area

Simulation shown as example, Not a real event.

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