Adventure w Keyestudio’s K0183 shield v1

Working with Keyestudio’s Easy Module K0183 shield V1

A learning Module which connects on top of the Arduino Uno module

Below discussion on adventure with modified from original code to make it work for me.


Keyestudio K0183 mounted on Arduino Uno

Keyestudio K0183 v1 Pic



//The IRrmote from keyestudio did not work for me (indicated Invalid lib )so..
//I had to used the Ken Shirriff IRremote lib
//but first i move the conflicting lib RobotIRremote to some other folder
// It was called
//I tested just the the Ir with the example IR RecvDemo with pin6 instead of pint11, it worked
//No Pressing=Default/reset is IR remote receiver, Press SW1 for flag0=blinking , SW2 for flag1=Analog readings
// the buzzer part was commented out so it does not scare anyone
// if you cannot handle blinking lights don,t press SW1

Vendors information on the KS0183

Location of where i got the IRremote that worked for me,
other helpful info

It help if you already have a temperature and humidity indicator so you can compare and correct with simple offsets.
You will have to offset for you own product and the simple offset my not be enough

Use any example at your own risk. Modify examples for your own purpose.

When mounting the shield on arduino slowly check that you have the correct orientation so you dont bend any pins.


zipped text  of  modified code for Arduino Uno sketch , open a new sketch and copy and paste code . Made to work with a Keyestudio K0183 Easy Module v1 shield.

Keyestudio Easy Module Shield V1 modified

Use any example at your own risk. Modify examples for your own purpose.

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