USB-1208FS-Plus (Digital Out)

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(a Measurement Computing product)

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Below is some useful information as to setup for the USB-1208FS-Plus device with respect to the Digital out

Two Channel setup

Used Measurement Computing’s ULx for LabVIEW® example as a start point. (LabVIEW® is a trademark of National Instrument) (ULx is a MC product)

Note NO wiring was done. Use caution as per your own wiring if running an example. Must have knowledge of Electronics.

Do NOT connect two outputs together as Device my get damaged.

Key focus here is on the setup as it relates to the USB-1208FS-Plus

No Clock (this was the only option that worked for me)

Max Rate 200Hz (must be using some internal clock) (the analog input is the Fast Sampling 50Ks/sec (one channel))

Device USB-1208FS-Plus (a product of Measurement Computing)
Subject Multiple Digital out lines using the OneChannelForEachLine Method
Example used C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 20nn\examples\ULx\Digital\Generate Values.llb\ULx Write Dig Chan…. nn=your LV verrsion
Programming Lang LabVIEW® a product of National Instruments.
Operating System used Windows 10 (a product of Microsoft)
Intent To show how to setup the Parameters for multiple Digital lines (channels) for this particular device
Tags USB-1208FS-PLUS
Prerequisite Measurement Computing Istacal was run so you device is recognized
Comment Image
Select IO Name Filtering USB-1208FS-Plus IO Filtering


Check the Allow Undefined NameUSB-1208FS-Plus AllowUndefineName

3 ch with not consecutive ch (notice skipped channel)

USB-1208-FS-Plus 2Ch and1skipCH 200Hz Digital Out

All Digital lines of PORT A

Note the bit patterns are auto generated by the sample code waveform generator.

USB-1208-FS-Plus 7Ch 200Hz Digital Out

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