Providing Status to Manager and Supervisor

You will be ask to provide status on the project you are working on by your supervisor and Manager.
One way to make it easier and accurate status as possible is to itemize the different task that must be accomplished to get to the final goal.
MS Excel is an excellent tool and is normally available in my companies as a standard application.
In MS Excel list all the task in the order it needs to be performed.
Provide Major (just for heading)  and Minor task columns.
Make a column that indicates Status
Then make an excel equation that count a  1(TaskDone) if the “Status” for a particular row is Done or 0 if not.
Also make a (hidden or not) column with give a column a count of 1 if its a row that has a minor task(the task that must be completed) otherwise no number(part of Task Total).
Then in a last row provide a “Percent complete=”     (TaskDone/Task Total) x 100percent
Also use color in the Status column so Done=Green, CurrentTask=Yellow, Something other then you is preventing completion=RED
In you email status the Manager want to know “percent completed” and any issue that my be preventing you from completing your task ON Time.
Attach a copy of your excel (image) incase the Manager or Supervisor need to see where you are in your task.
Another column should be dated started , dated completed. Manager can use this info for the next project.
If you make your task to coarse then it looks as if you are not completing tasks when in fact you have completed many sub task.
Prerequiste: Know how to make formula in MS Excel
“MS Excel” mentioned is a Microsoft product.
Don’t forget to include:
  • Kick off meeting
  • Spec (input document)
  • PDR (Preliminary Design Review
  • CDR (Critical Design Review)
  • Driver
  • Hardware section FPGA, DAQ, PLC, MAX detection(NI)
  • Major section (File handling, Data Acquisition, Limit Detection, GUIs,event loop, processing loops)
  • Input Specs and date you are given this documents
  • Place SW in Software Configuration.
  • Software Document released
  • Hardware Document released
  • Peer review
  • Test Station Review
  • Calibration
  • Quality Department Review.
  • Released to Production (Completed)
Use the different sheet tabs for “Issue that come up during the project”, Charge Number, Contacts for that project. etc.
This will make it easier on you and  future upgrades to the same project.
This information should be kept in the company’s network drive. The reason is, the IT department Normally schedule backups of networked drives.
(make a backup  also just incase).
Prerequisite: Know how to make formulas in MS Excel
“MS Excel” mentioned is a Microsoft product.

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