Hardware IO list important step for Software Programmer

Before a software can implement assignment for AD ,DA , DIO, DMM, Function Generator, etc. you need to know the Hardware IO List. assignment
The Hardware Engineer(which may also be the Software Engineer) most likely will have created this list to keep track of what pin or IO type are available.
If the person in charge of the Hardware section of the project did not create this list , you may have to review the schematic/block diagram and create the list yourself.
It should have Signal Name, I/O Type, Direction(out,in, and bidir),Pins(signal and ground), expected voltage would be nice(help select best range for multi range devices).
Example Hardware IO List
SignalName     Device    DeviceConnector  Type         Direction Channel/Port   Pins  Expected_Range
SignalName1    DAQ1    (Connector1)         Analog     Out              0              10,50   0–9.99V
SignalName2,   DAQ1    (Connector2)         Digital        In           Port0 Bit0      20,25,  0/5V
MS’s EXCEL  if an excellent application for this effort. which can also help you sort information for quick checkout.
I would be a good idea to place this list in your Engineering log book as well since you will refer to the list many time during integration and checkout.
Also place information about the I/O on one LabVIEW vi menu (ex.call Hardware List I/O) which can help you and future Engineers which have to add enhancement.

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