Probing the Test Fixture’s UUT connector

When probing the Test Fixture’s  UUT connector use the matching pin that is made for the connector.
Not using the correct mating pin or contact will damage the reliability of the connection when the UUT is connected.
Most UUT Connectors and Test Fixture connectors are expensive and repair will involve:
  • Getting someone who know how to use extraction/insertion/crimping or soldering tools
  • pin removal ( if the connector even allows pin removal, if not then it a BIG JOB– connector removable),
  • wire to pin removed
  • new pin insertion
  • wiring to pin
  • checkout / re-validation of the Test Fixture or ITA.

Each step above is TIME=Money and Time away from your intented task.

So do yourself a favor find the connector’s mating pins or contact and leave the paper clip for holding papers and the big gauge wire for wiring.
Make a set of insulated wire leads using the mating pins for use during checkout ahead of time and put a heat shrink tubing to prevent shorts.
Even if you are using a “connector saver” the above recommendation still applies.
Breakout ,pinjack  may provide  protection again damaging or touching  of the Test Fixture’s UUT connector(do not breakout high frequency or high voltage pins).
You need to inform anyone working on your Test Fixture checkout (ex initial continuity of the test fixture) of the above concern or they will Jam the big test probe into the connector contacts and your test fixture reliability will be off to a bad start.

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