AC power backup for your Test Station

At times when a power failure occurs and you need to perform some critical action a Uninteruptable Power Supply(UPS) is added to the test station.
This may be to put the test station in a safe mode( removing excitation or setting excitation to safe values, logging of last data and closing file handles, terminating the application.)
Things to check
  • Wattage that needs to be backup.
  • Time Duration required to place your system into safe mode.
  • Time Duration UPS will provide.
  • Number of outlet.
  • Size /mountable hardware
  • Some form of indication by UPS  or other means that it detect a power loss(so the test station can respond to condition).
Some requirement can not have any interruption of power for the complete system(This can be a very BIG UPS) it all depends on the requirement of your project.
Here is one possible test station UPS setup.(Always refer to your UPS manual for correct hookup and operation)

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