Test Station – That need to be moved or delivered

If your test station is expected  to moved around alot or is expected to be delivered consider the following:
  • Don’t let any equipment hang by just the front mount screw.
  • Secured  equipments with shelves or right angle support brackets to prevent movement.
  • Consider adding straps to secured  each equipment in the rack to prevent up down or side to side movement.
  • Select wheels(casters) which can  reduce vibration to Rack.
  • Some rack are fork lift to final location–Select a stronger Rack Frame.
  • Some rack are lifted via Strong EyeLoop type bolts on all top corners of the rack(Rack Frame must be made for this type handling).
  • If you have a large investment on your test station, select an air-ride trailer to reduce G shock on teststation and equipment inside.
  • Some unique part of your test station my have to be remove to ensured undamaged delivery.
  • Use Blank panel filler to help keep you test rack squared.
  • Have discussions about your shipping needs with shipping department for addition safeguard to the test station.
  • Just a reminder – Place heavier equipment lower in the station to prevent tip-over.



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