Interface Test Adapter

Do you have to test many different UUT Cards which use similar Test equipment to perform the test in a production area?
Consider a Common TestStation with a receiver panel routing to the various equipment required in the station.
Then create ITA adapters for your various cards that have support component and wiring to Interface panel which mates with receiver panel.
Dont make your ITA to heavy if you expect one person to remove and install the ITA.
Alignment is critical to the life of the contact on the Receiver Panel and the ITA.
Dont think that your can not have support electronic in the ITA ,support electronic my improve reliablilty to your test setup.
(example if your board(s) needs 10Mhz just as a base clock think about adding the clock circuit in the ITA instead of having it travel long distance thru the Receiver Panel)
(sometimes thinking "inside the box(ITA)" is the right thing to do.)
There are so many USB device that can fit inside the ITA  to do some small function and have a feedThru on the ITA or as an external connection with common USB cable.
Switching Matrix are common in Common or Base Test Station to provide unique routes required for you product.
Please read the spec on Swithing Matrix to exceed  requirement of the signal(s) to be testing from each receiver panel connector.
Safety:   Consider that your Receiver Panel  many need to disable the Signal going out of the Receiver Panel(Interlock).
If you have many boards and expect many ITA you will need a storage area.
Protect the ITA with some form of Cover to protect Interface pins, also  protect the Receiver panel.
Also dont forget to get the insertion and remove tools.
In conclusion, review you project’s requirements for the various boards and see if a common Test Station is required.
Review cost and product testing flow rate required by production to product the final Unit of company to see if you need more then one common Test Station.

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