Introduction to ATE space

This space was created to provide information on Automated Test Equipment, Test Engineering, and Testing.
I need a place to add items related to my experiences in the Testing Sector to provide other with ideas to research on their own.
Some categories will be:
  • Station Layouts
  • Typical Test Data format
  • Test Report Content
  • Discussion on PC Host Setup
  • Discussion on PC Host and RealTime Target
  • Discussion on PC Host and FPGA Target
  • Test Adapter (interconnect)
  • LabVIEW(r) (National Instrument’s product)
  • TestStand(r) (National Instrument’s product)
  • Software Documents
    • Requirements
    • Operation
    • Function Description
    • Configuration Management SW documents
    • Check in/out products
  • Software Architecture Types
    • Event Loop
    • Quene Loop
    • Combo
    • Parallel Loop
  • Typical Company chain of command
  • Equipment Discussion
  • Discrete Componet companies

All information should be researched to meet you own satisfaction.

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2 Responses to Introduction to ATE space

  1. vidyasagar says:

    I would like to know what is the role of the orcad in the Test development. Also my company uses NI products. I would like to learn Orcad, in what way does the NI products and the orcad relates in project development. i mean how the cutom hardware developed interfaces with the NI products

    • Orcad is a schematic capture and pcb layout tool. (Cadence Company that owns this product).This is not a NI product.

      NI product -hardware- is for control and monitoring.
      NI product -software(LabVIEW)- is a graphical programming language for automating control and monitoring.
      NI also has -software(CVI) for c type programming.
      NI product software can also be used with other vendor (check to make sure vendor has LabVIEW driver to control there hardware to save you some time).
      In Test Engineering you may be ask to create board which interfaces a customer product to NI or other vendors hardware(s).
      By Interfacing for example – I mean Input/output Analog or Digital signals, communication ports etc. as needed for controlling your customers product.

      I hope this gives you a starting point.

      NI as mention above is the National Instruments company
      Orcad is a tool of Cadence Company last I looked.

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