3.7vdc 18650 type Low Voltage dropout module

Need to make a low voltage dropout module to protect the battery from going to low when driving a load.

The charging module was allowing the voltage to go to low (about 2.5vdc) which i did not want.

A pushbutton start the voltage to the 3.7 to 5v module.

The P mosfet turns off when the battery voltage drop below the vdrop set voltage(3.4vdc) which in this case is set by voltage divider using the 5v out tap as a reference.

Low Voltage DropOut_Slide1Low Voltage DropOut_Slide2Low Voltage DropOut_Slide3Low Voltage DropOut_Slide4Low Voltage DropOut_Slide5Low Voltage DropOut_Slide6Low Voltage DropOut_Slide7Low Voltage DropOut_Slide8Low Voltage DropOut_Slide9Low Voltage DropOut_Slide10

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